What British Homebuyers Want The Most In 2021

As the UK continues to recover from the health crisis of 2020, its housing market remains buoyant. There are a number of reasons for this, notwithstanding the Chancellor’s Stamp Duty Holiday, and as lifestyles transition to a new normal, it seems that housing sales will continue to grow as people find a home that suits their adapted way of living. More sales are prompting homeowners to consider their own properties and whether it is a suitable opportunity to take the plunge and relocate.

If you are one of the many looking to outshine your neighbourhood properties and sell your home for a great price, you may now be researching what British homebuyers want the most, those assets and features that help a property to stand out during their search. Well, you are in luck, because we have put together the most wanted features driving sales this year!

Sensing a Spark

Electric cars may not yet be ubiquitous on the road but with a number of manufacturers increasing their production, as well as the British government making moves to ensure electric vehicles become commonplace beyond 2030, forward-thinking residents are beginning to prepare. This has led homebuyers, even those currently yet without electric vehicles themselves, to seek out homes that have charging points, or the capability to easily install charging stations, highly.

If you haven’t already prepared your home for the electric car revolution, it is worth the consideration. While the cost of rewiring can be high, it can often be lessened by combining the task with another renovation. Plus, the return on investment is not only great for your property, but for the planet too.

The Great Outdoors

Garden buildings are increasingly popular. They expand the number of rooms within a home, opening up the possibility of home offices, hobby rooms, and private bedrooms, while also helping a garden to be enjoyed all year round, instead of solely when the British climate allows.

A summer house or log cabin, over a shed or empty lawn, is far more appealing to potential homebuyers since they reduce the maintenance associated with gardens and have greater potential. Their popularity has also made them more affordable and better value too, with plenty of extra and luxurious features available too!

Salute the Sun

Continuing the trend of eco-friendly home design, solar panels are becoming more widespread. Previously, they have been associated with high installation costs and expensive batteries, neither of which are justifiable for such a small reward. However, technology has progressed greatly and solar panels are now more appealing than ever before.

Alongside those mounted onto roofs, solar panels can now be purchased for a garden, set onto a lawn or shed, working efficiently to power a home. Their ability does continue to rely upon the amount of sunlight a home receives, however, that certainly shouldn’t automatically put you off because now even a hour or two of sunlight can fill batteries enough to make a huge annual difference to a home’s energy consumption.

Jayla Jeremy