Home is where the heart is. Your home is your most prized possession, and you put your heart and soul into decorating it. You want your home to be a reflection of your tastes, your personality, and your personal style. The key to achieving this is to use the right kind of accent furniture.

What is accent furniture?

Accent literally means a particular way of pronunciation or an emphasis or force, which is put on a specific word. In a way, the accent is associated with uniqueness and specialty. Accent furniture is furniture, which adds a certain personality or character to the home decor.

True to its meaning, accent furniture emphasizes your style statement, with its colour, design, texture, and so on.  The accent furniture creates a dramatic effect in your room with its aesthetic touch. Be it your living room, dining area, bedroom, or terrace, the accent furniture pieces create a certain harmony in the space, completing its look.

Benefits of the accent furniture

  • It enhances the decorative value of the room
  • It blends beauty and utility perfectly
  • It makes the place more vibrant and interesting
  • It offers ample scope for choice
  • It can change the entire look of the space

Types of accent furniture

Chairs, stools, racks, shelves, centre tables are some of the major types of accent furniture. As far as colours, textures, designs are concerned, you are spoilt for choice. Choose what you love the best, and create a great impression. Charm them all with your taste and style.

Wall Shelf

It is said that every wall has a story to tell. Script your wall story with a beautiful wall shelf design. Wall shelves increase your functionality quotient. They help organize your clutter, optimize your storage space and give a sleeker look to your space. One big benefit is that the wall shelves can be chosen or customized as per your taste and requirement.

If you want to arrange your books in a systematic and organized way, a wall bookshelf is the best way to do it. Being wall mounted, a wall book shelf saves precious space and helps avoid the clutter in the room.

While designing your bedroom, comfort is your top priority. So, for any type of storage or display, the wall shelves for bedroom are an ideal choice. You can place your family photographs or other decorative items on them.

While decorating the living room, you can pick some creative wall shelves designed especially for living room. A wall shelf is a piece of accent furniture that enhances the area and gives an edge to the living room decor. A smart wall shelf has the power to transform your existing furnishing into the modern, trendy decor. You can choose from square, hexagon, rectangle, round, and other abstract shapes

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are an attractive form of shelving that is more space-saving than traditional shelves. Plus, they are flexible in terms of placement. You can put them anywhere as per your choice and space availability. Wooden, iron, or glass floating shelves are in vogue.

Wall rack

Do you know a great solution for compact or complicated spaces? A unique and stylish wall rack, to be sure. Wall racks can be wonderfully distinctive. You can choose your Favourite from the classy, elegant, minimalistic, bold, radical, or innovative wall racks.

A wall rack is a versatile piece of furniture and can accommodate varying items such as books, showpieces, statues, lamps, artefacts, or other utilities. A wooden or iron wall rack is most commonly preferred. The prices of the wall racks depend on various factors, including the material used, size of the rack, its finish and design, and the brand.

Ottoman Stool and Chair

The ottoman furniture traces its origin to home furnishing during the period of the Ottoman Empire. An ottoman stool is a low, upholstered stool. Whenever you want to have a smart seating option or a chic storage space, an ottoman stool or an ottoman chair is the go-to option. A storage ottoman can serve as a stool or a chair as well.

There are multiple reasons why the ottoman furniture is much loved. It comes in exclusive shapes, attractive colours, and superb geometric configurations. They look fun and are visually appealing as well. An ottoman stool or chair which in contrasting colour with your decor, stands our and creates a lasting impact. The ottomans come in wood, leather, and fabric.


Who doesn’t love a delightful pouf stool? A pouf can be used as a tabletop, a centerpiece, a footrest, or even for seating. A pouf seat is softer than the ottoman. A pouf stool can be kept flat on the ground. If you have an open floor plan home, a pouf will be a wonderful value addition to your room.

Stools for living room

As far as the furniture arrangement in the living room is concerned, the options are endless. A stool is a right option that creates a unique, convenient, and classy setting for interior decor.

The stools specially designed for the living room grant you the flexibility to plan the arrangement. They can serve multiple purposes. The stools for the living room come in various bright and sober colours and materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and polyurethane.

Kitchen stools

Kitchen stools are highly popular accent furniture creations. While you entertain your guests or spend some quality time with your loved ones in the kitchen, the kitchen stools offer casual seating options. They are comfortable as well as trendy to have drinks, to enjoy snacks or just to relax and chit chat. An exciting range of kitchen stools is available online, and the stool price too is very reasonable.

Tips for choosing perfect accent furniture

  • Choose small and welcoming accent furniture
  • The chosen furniture should be proportionate to your space
  • Play with the patterns but choose wisely
  • Keep the entrance of the house uncluttered
  • Mix and match the accent furniture as per your colour palette

So, are you ready to accentuate your home with smart and stylish accent furniture? Choose the right option of a reputed brand, and transform the look and feel of your home.

Jayla Jeremy