The benefits of having a vegetable patch at home are numerous. Not only will you have the freshest, most delicious vegetables available to you year-round, but gardening can be an incredibly rewarding experience for those who enjoy it.

Here are few reasons why everyone should consider having vegetable patch at home {potager en carrés à la maison}!

First: The first one is easy: fresh, healthy food. Nothing tastes as good as the vegetables you grow yourself because they aren’t picked early and stored until ripe like those at supermarkets.

Also, if you don’t grow them yourself, it isn’t easy to know how long your vegetables have been sitting around or where they came from!

Second: The second benefit is that vegetable gardening will save you money over time. Saving a little money here and there can add up and help make buying other things more affordable in the future (or maybe even now).

Even if all of your garden produce goes bad before it gets eaten, every bit still helps to reduce what you would’ve spent on groceries during that same period. And since most people eat/vegetables daily for some part of their diet, this can add up!

Health Benefits?

  • The first benefit to vegetable gardening is that it’s a great way to stay healthy. It seems like there are two kinds of people in the world: those who eat all organic and natural foods and those whose idea of healthy food is pizza or take-out Chinese food (yum!).

If you happen to be one of the latter group but still want to start your garden anyway, no problem!

There’s nothing wrong with using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on vegetables just because they’re not certified organic; if anything, these chemicals help keep weeds away, so you don’t have as much weeding work ahead for yourself during each season.

As long as you wash veggies before eating them, your garden will be a much healthier place for you to grow food than any supermarket.

  • The second benefit of vegetable gardening is that its good exercise! Gardening requires physical work, and the benefits are twofold: you get outside in the sun or fresh air and work those muscles from head to toe.

And if anything goes wrong, you will be the one to fix it, so there’s an excellent chance that your garden plot can eventually turn from a place of work into somewhere where you make time for relaxing and recuperating!


In conclusion, if you want to enjoy fresher vegetables and save money over time, as well as work on your health and be able to relax outside in the fresh air or sunshine, then a vegetable patch is for you!

Jayla Jeremy