Phoenix experiences extreme weather, so the cost of electricity spikes all around the year. Families are forced to live in discomfort or adjust their budget. The air conditioner will work on high mode, which increases the utility bill. There are several ways you can decrease electric usage like upgrading with energy-efficient appliances or choosing premium grade windows.

These options are not viable for an average homeowner, so how to lower your electric bill in the summer season. There are a few affordable ways they can decrease energy bills in summer.

Choose heavy window drapes

It is a good way to keep AC chill from getting out in the warm season. Heavy window drapes don’t allow sun rays to warm the house interiors. If you cannot buy drapes for every window in the home, then hang them in spaces that get the most exposure from the sun.

Energy saver option on the AC

Instead of shutting the AC off, choose the energy saver option. It will keep the house within a cool temperature. If you turn the AC off, the interior temperature will increase. If you turn the AC on, the unit will need to work hard to bring the temperature down. This will increase your utility bill. If your AC unit is old, then you can opt for an energy-efficient model before next summer.


If an AC is running on the ground floor make sure to keep the doors of the first floor shut. If the space to cool is less, the AC can do the task easily and quickly. Stop airflow in those areas, which are not used regularly to decrease the usage of energy. The electric bill will dramatically get reduced.

Use ceiling or wall fans

Use AC, when the summer days are extremely hot. Ceiling fans use less electricity than an AC unit. Ceiling fans keep cool air circulating the room. In this way, limiting the use of AC can help to reduce utility bills.

Turn off all the lights during day-time

During daylight turn all the lights off to conserve energy. Of weather allows, open the windows. Natural light will flow inside and there will be no need for artificial lights all day long. Reducing power use during daytime can also help to reduce utility bills.

Ensure regular AC maintenance

Regular AC maintenance from the professionals at Day & Night Air Services can be helpful. The technicians make sure that every component works efficiently. Regular checkups help to detect faulty parts, which can place stress on the unit making it work overtime and thus increase the electricity bills. The technician will also suggest simple steps to reduce your energy usage in summer.

Jayla Jeremy