Read to Know About Various Types of Fly Screens

During summer season, you can get fresh air into your home that can be a welcome relief for you. However, often during this season many different insects and flies can also enter your home that is too irritating.

To prevent their entry, you will need suitable fly screens that you can buy from Premier Screens Ltd. Nowadays, there are several varieties of fly screens with different material options available in the market.

The purpose of such a fly screen essentially is to completely cover the opening of your open door or window. Thet can keep dirt, insects, leaves, pests, debris, and small birds from entering your property while your door and windows remain open.

Having a suitable fly screen, not only can you enjoy the cool breeze, but also have peace of mind that all your doors and windows are protected from any unwanted insects.

Now if you go to the market and look for commercial fly screens, then you can find these flyscreens are made out of many different materials such as:

  • PVC coated fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Pet screen

Also, you can find these fly screens in many different colors and weaves that you can choose based on your preference. You can find these flyscreens in the following styles so that you can match them according to your home styles.

1.    Retractable fly screens

Such retractable screens usually are a mesh roll that is contained within a cassette housing. When you pull your screen along either top or bottom tracks, the mesh will get unrolled and extend to provide protection from insects.

They work almost in a similar way to a roller blind, but instead of fabric, here they will use insect screen mesh.

2.    Pleated fly screens

Pleated fly screens will have less tension as compared to retractable screens because they do not need a spring-loaded tube similar to retractable fly screens. This will make pleated fly screens a very good option for the elderly and also children. They will need a very little amount of muscle strength to either open or close.

3.    Hinged fly screens

These hinged fly screens are so made that it fits onto a side of the door by using a hinged framework. This kind of mechanism by which hinged screens will open is almost like shutters, and they are quite a cost-effective option too.

Hinged fly screens are mostly used for doors, where they will act as a fly screen mesh meant for the door frame.

4.    Sliding insect screens

These kinds of sliding insect screens can be made for both sliding windows as well as doors. The frame of the fly screen is mounted on its tracks so that one can easily slide along an additional track, which runs parallel to your doors or windows.

5.    Screen windows

These are usually without any extra features. Based on how originally they were installed, these can always be removed and again put in place – which is essential for cleaning the windows, although it can be a bit cumbersome.

Jayla Jeremy