Having a disorganized closet can undermine your day. It starts with mornings when you can’t decide what to wear. You then try to find clothes that you think you want to wear only to find yourself tossing these outfits back to where they belong, leaving your closet in a messier state. Not wearing the perfect outfit can affect self-confidence, some studies suggest. If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, competing for your ideal job and negotiating the best deals can go down the drain. Before you know it, your problems and your unearthly wardrobe have been piling up together all because of poor organization in your life. Start simple – start with areas you can control. Yes, your closet is a brilliant idea! Follow these doable steps for more predictable outcomes.

Empty and tidy your closet

Gain total control of your wardrobe by knowing what you have. Make sure that you clean the floor before an Everest of clothes piles up. Wipe your closet clean, and make sure to disinfect it. This will protect your clothes from creepy crawlers. Having six to eight little insect legs on your skin is undesirable. After cleaning up your closet space, you are now ready to sort.

Categorize your wardrobe

When categorizing your clothes, make sure you include shoes, bags, socks, undergarments, belts, accessories, and everything else that makes up your outfits. After sorting them into categories, find out which pieces fit your body well. Anything that doesn’t look good on your body and with your complexion can be tossed to the trash. Larger clothes can be altered to fit you better, and some oversized items are fashionable.

Nevertheless, ill-fitting clothes make you look less polished and more disorganized.  Over the years, even if your size hasn’t changed, your style might have. Clothes that don’t make you feel like ‘you’ will have to leave your closet. If you find yourself fitting certain items from your wardrobe but end up not wearing them, toss these items too. This is usually a sign that these items look good only in theory.

Make sure that you permanently get rid of the items you’ve tossed aside. Dispose of your once-favorite items by hiring the services of Evergreen Junk Removal. All the clothes that remain should be folded and hung as appropriate.

Think convenience

Put clothes away according to your activities. All tops and bottoms for your workout sessions should ideally go in one section. The same goes for work, mall, and date night outfits. This technique saves you unnecessary wasted time and limits your options before heading out. Having a system like this will save you time. It will also help you decide faster what to wear.

Put away clothes that are not in season. This will give your other clothes more space and better ventilation.

Wearing the right clothes at the perfect time is impactful, and this shouldn’t be a challenge at all. Keeping your closet organized and up-to-date within the parameters of your preference is vital in making this happen.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/hiaYAEwRLvU

Jayla Jeremy