Popular Home Renovations


Home sweet home! Home is where you want to be and there’s no place like it! Even so, no matter how much you love your domicile, there are still ways you can love it even more. Home renovations are a great way to breathe new life into a house, and make it even more perfect than it already was!

One of the most popular home renovations in Australia is a second-storey extension. Not only will you have twice as much space, but you will also command a better view. Thanks to innovative construction techniques, these extensions can be performed even whilst you are occupying the house!

Here are some popular home renovations to consider:

A new look for the exterior – Nothing makes an older home look even better than a fresh coat of paint. Check out all the smashing new hues and colours available, there’s sure to be something that will catch the eye and please it. You can also add shutters and awnings for a classic yesteryear feel.

Transform your boring old bathroom into a delightful spa – Replace those grimy old tiles with new stone flooring, splash a soothing coat of paint on the walls, and add a skylight to brighten things up. A wicker shelf for towels and toiletries lends a spa feel, as well as wooden bowls for fancy herbal soaps. You could also change out those old rust-stained fixtures, a sleek new designer toilet and a bowl-shaped sink look fantastic and feel good to use, too. Finally, are you tired of that cramped little bathtub where you have to make the decision whether to submerge the legs or the torso because both won’t fit at the same time? It’s never comfortable, and all that shifting around defeats the purpose of a relaxing soak. Replace that torture device with a deep Japanese soaking tub! It will be able to fit all of you, and maybe even a friend, in its delightful depths.

Remake your kitchen into a friendly gathering place – Move that old table out and install a spacious kitchen island in front of the countertops with comfy stools for your friends and family to hang out on as you serve a meal they will never forget. This inviting arrangement can also double as a cocktail lounge or a sushi bar, there’s nothing more fun than to entertain your guests as you cook!

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