Important Considerations When Purchasing a New Bed Frame

It is now well known that you must have a comfortable platform which will enable you to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital to maintaining good health, so buying a new bed is an important exercise; it should consist of a mattress and a bed frame of the same size, which should support it well. When you decide it is time to purchase a new bed frame, there is a confusing number of different options to choose from; this short article will focus on bed frames, aim to simplify matters, and give you a layman’s view of the subject. You can then approach the task at hand with confidence and find the right bed frame.

Heights & Sizes

Your new bed frame may well be governed by the size of your bedroom; having a king-size bed is all well and good, but if it restricts the available space in the room, you would be better suited to a double or queen-sized bed. Think about your overall bedroom interior when selecting a new frame.

Modern bed frame designs generally come in three heights, sometimes called profiles; the frame, by keeping the mattress off the floor, prevents dust and mould while allowing air circulation and a cooler environment, which promotes good quality sleep. The three main profiles are as follows –

  • Standard Profile – the most common type of bed frame, which sits around 33 – 38 centimetres from the floor; this does allow some storage space.
  • Low Profile – these bed frames sit closer to the floor at less than 33 centimetres, so there is less storage, but low-profile frames do make smaller rooms feel more spacious.
  • High Profile – are great for larger rooms with high ceilings and for those who need a larger amount of storage space.

Accessibility is also sometimes an issue; if you have trouble getting into and out of bed, a bed frame of the right height should be a priority; test this out when visiting any suppliers.

Discussing Bed Frame Materials

Bed frames are manufactured in many different materials and designs, but the two most popular are wood and metal; this is for good reason as both have great characteristics, which include –

  • Wood – wooden bed frames are very strong and moisture resistant; they also have a classic, aesthetically pleasing look which suits almost every type of bedroom design.
  • Metal – bed frames made from this material have durability and strength while giving you good value for your money; the flexibility of the material also provides a vast array of modern design choices.

The purchase of a good quality bed frame is a great investment as by partnering it with a comfortable mattress, you are giving yourself the best chance of a great night’s sleep.

Jayla Jeremy