When selling any home, the right price and location are always necessary. This is especially true if you are selling an outdated house. However, these things should be the only concerns for you. By planning smartly, you can sell your old home fast and for the best price. Old homes can be sold to both home buyers and investors. Indeed, we buy old houses.

Here are some tips to help you make this happen:

Maximize Lighting

Light up your house. Good lighting is one of the things that nearly all buyers look for in homes for sale. To brighten up your home, consider cleaning windows, increasing light bulb wattage, and removing drapes. Also, trim back big shrubs outside the windows to bring in natural light. Make your home brighter so it can show better.

Show Off the Closet Space

Homebuyers are looking for lots of storage in their new homes. Remove at least half of the items inside your close to show off the space available. Ensure the remainder of the close is nearly organized. Also, get the drawers and cabinets clean.  By having an organized closet space, you will be prepared for even the snoopiest buyer.

Clean Pet Traces when Planning an Open House

If you have an open house planned, send your fur friend to a pet hotel or a friend and ensure your house doesn’t have traces of them. This is because not all home buyers love pets. Many of them do not wish to walk into your house to see pet hair everywhere or smell your beloved cat’s litter box.

Take Down Personal Items

Because you are ready to hand your home over to a new owner, it’s time to de-personalize it. Without any of your personal items, buyers can visualize themselves in the house. Try to take memorabilia, curios, heirlooms, family photos and store them away during the listing period. Also, make sure to de-clutter your house. Consider hiring a home stager to help in arranging your furniture and decorations in a way that complements the floor plan and make the house show well.

Consider Smart Upgrades

Before listing your home on the market, consider making small repairs.  Several smaller, manageable projects will pay off. These include giving the wall a new coat of paint and updating the curtains. Also, consider investing in new door handles, cabinet pulls, and other hardware. Having the grout properly cleaned will also spruce up the look of your old home.

Jayla Jeremy