Summer is nearly approaching, and the weather gets a little bit warmer as the day. With that, you check your wardrobe and see those winter jumpers, coats, and clothes – and you may be thinking of retiring it for a couple of months to make way for lighter, summer clothes. While you’re in the process of going over these things, take this opportunity to do a wardrobe makeover. Some people may think that wardrobe organisation is difficult – but in fact, it isn’t. Here are some tips on how you can organise your wardrobe so you’ll never have to start losing another sock, top, or scarf.

Hang Your Clothes

Depending on how you dress and personal style, you may find that some of you may have a large collection of scarves, plus size girdles, accessories, and belts. While it’s true that these scarves make you feel trendy and stylish, storing them can be quite a mess. If you don’t know how to properly store them, you may end up having a messy wardrobe, all tangled up, which could be a problem on the next time that you’re about to put it on. What you can do is you can turn your shower curtain rings and hang them up on a coat hanger – you now have a perfect place for your belts and scarves! It can save space, and practical too.

Summer Clothes vs. Winter Clothes

The number of clothes you have in your closet has a huge factor on how organised (or disorganised) your wardrobe is. If you have tons of clothes that are crammed in tiny wardrobe space, there’s no denying that you’ll find it more difficult to find things, and your wardrobe may be messier. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to start throwing away some clothes. Yes – if you can find some things in there that you’re no longer using, you can declutter by giving them out to charity.

Once you’re done, another thing that you can do is to split your wardrobe into two – summer outfits and winter clothes. For those pieces of clothing you won’t be needing this season, store them in vacuum-packed storage and you can place it either your home or a rented storage unit. Doing this will free up a lot of space in your wardrobe.

Draw Dividers Make a Good Investment

Drawers are where people store their socks, underwear, and bras – and whether we like it or not, they can get all jumbled up over time. If you’re keeping multiple pieces of clothing or items in one drawer, taking advantage of dividers can help you become organised. Drawer dividers can be bought online, or if you’re one of those “crafty” mothers who like DIY stuff, you can even make your own from old shoeboxes.

No More Creases

Who likes creases on their clothes? No one – and this holds most especially true for those people that need to dress smartly whenever they’re going for work, or during special occasions. To avoid the crease, you can use an S hook and hang up your jeans by the belt loop. This is a great way to save some wardrobe space, and at the same time, stops your dresses from creasing. For shirts, you can simply hang them in a line with pegs after washing. Just let the gravity do the work so that the crease won’t form. Once the shirts are dried, you can hang them in your wardrobe with a coat hanger.

Learn the Art of Folding

We know that not everyone likes folding clothes – sure, it’s a daunting task. But, ever since Marie Kondo has her documentary aired on Netflix, many people’s lives have been changed – even the way people organise their things and their lives at the same time. One of the reason people were drawn to her is her method of folding clothes – and if you’ve seen the documentary, you’ll know what we’re saying. Her method lets you store more clothes in your drawers and closet since you will get the chance to see everything. In general, once you’re done folding the clothes, you put them in your drawer and form a line, everything’s facing up so you can easily see it. You can learn her art of folding by watching the video. Sure, it’s not perfect on your first try – it took us 5 times to get everything right, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, everything’s going to be a lot easier.

Hopefully, we were able to help you organise your wardrobe, and maybe you’ve learned a thing or two with some of our space-saving hacks!

Jayla Jeremy