How can I cure an itchy mosquito bite?

Mosquito bites are a sign that the weather is becoming warmer. The majority of mosquito bites are minor, but some can be dangerous. Mosquitoes may transmit diseases. However, the chance of contracting an infection from a mosquito is primarily dependent on where you reside. 

If you experience hives, trouble breathing after being bitten by a mosquito, see a doctor right away. When a mosquito bites you, the lump it leaves behind comes with a persistent itch that can last for days. So, here are some do-it-yourself options by Austin pest control for getting rid of the irritation.

Use ice:

Ice can reduce inflammation by using it frequently. Dermatologists suggest using a cold pack to ease the itching produced by a mosquito bite. If you leave the ice on the bite for more than five minutes, it might cause skin damage. Use a barrier between your skin and the ice. Use a washcloth to keep the ice on the bite for longer.

Using Aloe Vera also helps in stopping the itching

Aloe vera is a typical home plant with several purposes beyond shelf decoration. Aloe Vera is a trusted source that can aid in the healing of minor wounds and the control of infections. That’s why it’s a fantastic choice for treating an insect bite. To do so:

  1. Cut a little part of the plant open.
  2. Apply the gel from the plant to the irritated area.
  3. Allow it to dry before applying it again if necessary.

Apply apple cider vinegar to the affected area

Apply a drop of vinegar to a painful bite to relieve itching. The vinegar can assist in relieving stinging and burning. If you’ve been scratching too much, it can also function as a natural disinfectant. If you have a lot of bites, soak for 30 minutes in a lukewarm bath with 2 cups of vinegar. 

Slice a bulb of garlic

Before slicing a bulb of garlic and putting it to your bite, keep in mind that applying sliced garlic directly to a skin wound or bite might cause burning and stinging. Instead, stir fresh garlic and combine it with unscented lotion or room-temperature coconut oil. These ointments and creams can assist in lowering the intensity of garlic while still allowing you to benefit from its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In the end, if the itching persists, you could try applying ointments and powders like Candid B. Nevertheless, show your skin to a doctor who can help you out. It is also best to have a professional pest control company treat your home to avoid this situation. 


Jayla Jeremy