Five Key Trends to Follow this Autumn

Colour Trends

Ask any fashionista who is skilled at shopping. She understands everything she needs to know about fashion and style. That means that she knows what the “in” style is and what is “out.” She knows that reds and oranges are the go-to colours this season. As reported by Pantone Colour Institute – the leader in colour trends – it’s a bold, intense colour wheel that we’ll see this season. So if Chili Pepper and Orange Tiger are too wild for your clothing choices, or, you don’t think you could pull them off, consider showing off a bright orange bag or other accessories. It’s an easy way for you to keep up to date while not having to worry about going overboard.

Cheques and Prints, Oh Boy!

Fashionistas know that last season it was all about polka dots and florals. So what is everybody talking about this season? Cheques and prints are taking over. Are these missing in your wardrobe? If so, be sure to buy a cheque trouser or blazer. That’s all you’ll need to do. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Yes, the AW19 catwalks show off bright red and yellow cheques; however, when it comes to us everyday people, look for softened cheque patterns that use olives, browns, and mustard. In addition to the newbies this season, some of the oldies, such as neon and animal prints, are here to stay for a while. That being said, you’ll see mock snakeskin appearing in jewelled hues. These are heavily featured in the Givenchy and Michael Kors catwalks. Don’t have any animal prints? All you have to do is add a scarf, a hair accessory or a bag.

Girly Vintage Style

Fashionistas love fairytale fashion. Embracing the girly style is fun for this season. What do we mean? We mean feathers on dresses, blouses with puffed sleeves, skirts with ruffles, and more. Added to the girly stuff, you’ll see a renaissance of pearl earrings. We saw Burberry, Chanel and Prabal Gurung models all decked out with baroque pearl earrings. These were pearls in oyster shells and heart-shaped drops. It’s a stylish, girly way to bring vintage into the twenty-first century. Want to copy this trend but not go overboard? Just add pearl stud earrings.

It’s all about Belts and Knits

What’s more comfortable than wearing a favourite oversized knit after the summer months? This season you’ll find argyle knits and chunky jumpers. What a relief! Now you don’t have to worry about being too frumpy. And as far as belts, we’re sure you’ve seen the waist-cinching ones. It’s a 70’s style that you’ll see a lot this season. What a fantastic update for your wardrobe. All you’ll need to do is invest in one of these wide belts and wrap it around knitwear, shirts, blazers, coats, and more. This is also a trend that works well with the girly looks that will be popular this season.

Make a Statement with Bags

Tiny totes don’t cut it for this season. Instead, it’s all about supersized and statements. So now you can fit more than just lip balm in your bag. What choices should you look for? Go with bags in metallic and vibrant autumn colours like burgundy. If you don’t want to spend the money on a new statement bag, you can update your old one with bag straps. We love these at Betty Loves.

Jayla Jeremy