Do You Know the Benefits of Installing Solar Pool Heater?

If you are interested to reduce significantly your heating cost of swimming pool then you must install solar pool heater.

They will be cost competitive by using both gas as well as heat pump type pool heaters, and also their annual operating cost will be very low. If you are interested in solar pool heater installation then read this writeup.

How they work?

Any of the solar pool system of heating will include the following:

  • Solar collector – which is the device through which the pool water will be circulated to get heated by sun.
  • Filter – which will remove debris before the water will be pumped through the collector.
  • Pump – which circulates water all through the collector and filter and then back to pool.
  • Flow control valve – which is a manual or automatic device which will divert pool water through solar collector.
  • Solar heater will extend the home pool’s season to save your money on your energy cost.

If you are looking for easy and efficient way of heating your swimming pool then solar heater will extend your time for swimming and save on your energy cost.

Following are 5 reasons why solar heating will be perfect for any swimming pool.

  • Extend your swim season

Any pool owner will use swimming pool 3 or 4 months in a year as water is very cold for rest of time. By installing solar heater will extend swimming season for few months or little more and help you to obtain more out of the pool.

  • Save energy

By putting energy of sun to work will mean you will avoid rising cost of energy. Usually, you can expect to pay about three to four thousand dollars for buying and installing solar pool heater.

  • Help the environment

Solar heater is greener way of warming your pool and helps reducing its carbon footprint. It is cleanest energy as it does not use natural resources such as gas or oil which does not produce harmful emissions.

Also, you will further reduce use of energy by putting solar blanket over the pool during night for preventing heat loss.

  • Little maintenance required

Solar heaters can run effectively and need minimal maintenance. Any heater will typically last for 15 – 20 years or even more. In case of solar panels, it should last much longer for minimum 20 – 30 years.

  • Enjoy the quiet

This kind of solar heaters are also quietest heaters available on the market which means there will be no loud hum.

Jayla Jeremy