Common Mistakes to Avoid When Lighting Your Home

Your home lighting needs good amount of thought as the furniture and color you select. Lighting will bring any dull space to life. Hence what you will do if you do not have any clue? The lighting experts and distributors at have created the list of things to avoid. Here is what you must not do when selecting the lights or you can avoid the common mistakes.

Choosing Wrong Fitting Size

It is a most common mistake made by the people.  It can easily be done, you like a particular fitting, and totally forget it can overwhelm the dining table and not provide sufficient light or shine in your kitchen!  It is a case when you’re looking at the statement pieces.  Not just does this goes out of proportion, but light it provides might be inappropriate.

No Sync in the Décor & Lights

It is an intricate lighting detail that many people miss out one. Wall colours and lights in one room have to be in proper sync, or you may end up brightening up your room extensively or darkening your room. We’re aware about the fact that the dark colours generally tend to absorb more light when bright colours reflect them. Hence, for lighting to be right in your rooms, ensure to have the bright colored walls.

Using a Single Lighting Type

There’re three different categories of lights –Task, Accent and Ambient lighting. Many times people just use one of them. It makes your room look flat and will cause inconvenience. For instance, if you use just ambient lighting in the living room, it may end up like the retail store, institution or industrial area.

Ignoring the Task Lights

Focus lights or task lights are very important to accentuate and brighten the things, which beautify your room. For example, in the living room, installing the ambient light is very important just like installing the focus lights.

Poor Lights In Small Areas

This is one important thing that many people do not give much attention of illuminating their small places such as their closets, pantries, and larders. We install one overhead light (that leaves shadows), and struggle whenever we want to find out something. There is a way you can fix this issue. Besides overhead lighting, you can make use of the LED strip lights, bars, and under cabinet lights and they go really well. It can make your interior stylish and user-friendly.

Not Using Dimmers

Many times homeowners make use of incandescent lamps without any dim. But, in this way your lamps consume higher electricity & emit more heat. Try to install a few dimmers for your home lighting. Besides other things, it can increase your incandescent bulbs lifespan. The great alternative is using the smart LED lights that can easily be dimmed, change the color and other practical things getting operated easily from your smart device.

Final Words

The task lights are also important for study room. These fixtures reduce strain, and help to focus on the work. For the pleasant illumination, it’s best to avoid any harsh lights and lighting that creates troublesome shadows.

Jayla Jeremy