It is frustrating when your refrigerator will not cool properly. To prevent your perishables from going bad, you cannot afford to ignore the issue. In this blog, we have addressed some reasons  why your fisher paykel refrigerator{fisher paykel frigo} may not cool properly. You can address some issues with some basic DIY maintenance, while others will require professional intervention.

Thermostat is not set properly

If your fridge is not cooling effectively, start by checking the thermostat setting. Sometimes the thermostat setting is too low, causing the temperature in your fridge to rise. The thermostat setting may have been accidentally changed by someone. People often get confused about how to change the thermostat correctly.  Just keep in mind that the numbers represent the power level, so larger numbers will result in a cooler refrigerator.

Blocked Vents

The refrigerator’s temperature is controlled through a system of internal or external vents. Your refrigerator vents need to stay open to maintain a constant temperature. Many times, people accidentally block the vents when keeping food inside the refrigerator or when storing other items nearby (i.e., grocery bags).

Partially clogged vents can be caused by dirt, spilled food, or other debris. It’s critical to keep vents as clear as possible because any obstructed vent can affect the interior temperature.

Dirty Condenser vents

Another possible reason for your fridge’s ineffective cooling is dirty condenser vents. The condenser coils help release heat from inside the refrigerator. The refrigerator will have to work harder to dissipate the heat if the coils are unclean.

If your kitchen is very dusty or there is a lot of pet hair, you should clean the condenser coil more frequently than once a year. Performance may be impacted by a filthy coil, but you can quickly clean it with a vacuum or long brush. Cleaning it should enable it to efficiently resume internal heat release.

Condenser fan is broken

A broken condenser fan is another reason why your refrigerator is not working properly. To cool the condenser coils, the condenser fan motor draws air over the components. Your refrigerator could easily overheat and improperly cool if it doesn’t have a working condenser fan. Do not try to repair the condenser fan yourself, the fan needs to be evaluated and repaired by a professional.

Evaporator fan not working

Depending on the model, your refrigerator will feature one or more evaporator fan motors. Your appliance’s single fan, if it has one, will be found in the freezer section. Cold air from the evaporator coils is distributed throughout the compartment by the evaporator fan motor. Your freezer may be chilly but the fridge compartment may not be cool if the fan motor is malfunctioning.


To ascertain exactly what is wrong, one needs to correctly diagnose the issue. In this blog, we have covered some of the likely causes of your refrigerator not cooling properly. Hope this helps.

Jayla Jeremy