4 Common Air Conditioning Problems Everyone Faces

Not everything is made perfect, if humans err, sometimes machines err too. This article enlists the most common problem faced by climatiseurs muraux.

  • The fan doesn’t rotate

The numero uno reason to why your condenser fan isn’t working because it could be burned out and you need to replace it too. Humidity leads to more condensation which is another thing to look out for and you also need to address if the water is not draining correctly or if the drain is clogged. If these issues are addressed, great! If you cannot, then get in touch with a professional ASAP.

  • Your AC doesn’t give away cool air

If your AC is not working and the cool air isn’t blowing as well, then you need to check the refrigerant levels of your AC. Refrigerant ensures that the air coming out of the AC remains cool. If you cannot go DIY with this, then you need to call the professionals right away to check the refrigerant levels.

  • Your AC system is short cycling

If your AC system is short cycling or you finding it turning off or on repeatedly, then it means many things. One is that the evaporator or your condenser is filthy and needs a proper cleaning. If your unit is cleaned and all the clogs have been removed, then your AC system is as good as new. Also, keep in mind that humidity also plays a role here. If your room is cooling at an ideal temperature, and the humidity brings up the heat in an instant, it could cause on and off air conditioning because the system will be exerted more on keeping your home environment comfortable.

  • Your system doesn’t cool properly

You can begin by bringing down the temperature on your thermostat. If it still doesn’t cool your system, then have a look at your air filter. If it is dirty, then it may cause more problems down the line. Another cause of insufficient cooling could be if the air conditioner doesn’t have a proper size and unluckily this is a very common issue when the houses are built. To address this concern, you may need to call a professional and get this issue fixed.

If you face any kind of problems with your air conditioner, then, you must let the professionals know to not let the problem exacerbate itself.

Jayla Jeremy